Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds:

The Sound Mind Investing Funds are designed for investors who recognize the tremendous potential of Bond Upgrading, Dynamic Asset Allocation, Fund Upgrading, and Sector Rotation, but who prefer to have the strategies implemented for them by professionals.

Within the Funds, we provide daily professional oversight and management. This includes the timely repositioning of the portfolios as conditions warrant, automatic portfolio rebalancing, and in taxable accounts, the simplification of receiving just one consolidated tax document per strategy. You get the best of both worlds: all the benefits of the strategies you’ve selected without the continual attention and effort required to successfully implement the strategies on your own.

Solid strategies and management you can trust are two of the key ingredients you should look for in choosing mutual funds. We believe the Sound Mind Investing Funds offer both, and invite you to examine whether they may be the right investment vehicles to help you pursue your financial goals.

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SMI Conservative Allocation Fund

The SMI Conservative Allocation Fund (SMILX) was created to provide a conservative boost to the Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) strategy by typically allocating 40% of the portfolio to Bond Upgrading. Whereas the SMI Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund (SMIDX) is allocated 100% to DAA, the SMI Conservative Allocation Fund's portfolio will normally target an allocation of 60% to DAA (which could also call for additional Bond Upgrading) and the remaining 40% to Bond Upgrading. The managers do have the flexibility to alter this allocation. The managers also have the ability to replace some (or all) of the DAA strategy with the Upgrading strategy (which is described above in the strategy description of the Sound Mind Investing Fund SMIFX); see the prospectus for details.

The “normally DAA” portion of the portfolio will be managed using the same Dynamic Asset Allocation methodology used by the SMI Dynamic Allocation Fund (which is described above in the SMIDX strategy section).

The Bond Upgrading portion of the portfolio may consist of bond funds and ETFs and individual fixed income securities. The Adviser will use its proprietary “Bond Upgrading” strategy to make all portfolio decisions with respect to investments in underlying bond funds and bond ETFs. The Adviser’s “Bond Upgrading” strategy involves the use of momentum based performance indicators of the various bond categories to identify which categories may present the best investment opportunities. The Adviser scores the categories and uses the scores to make decisions on investments in the various categories.

Combining DAA with Bond Upgrading creates what we believe to be a formidable pairing. Best of all, this total portfolio management solution is conveniently available to investors through the purchase of a single fund — The SMI Conservative Allocation Fund.