Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds:

The Sound Mind Investing Funds are designed for investors who recognize the tremendous potential of Bond Upgrading, Dynamic Asset Allocation, Fund Upgrading, and Sector Rotation, but who prefer to have the strategies implemented for them by professionals.

Within the Funds, we provide daily professional oversight and management. This includes the timely repositioning of the portfolios as conditions warrant, automatic portfolio rebalancing, and in taxable accounts, the simplification of receiving just one consolidated tax document per strategy. You get the best of both worlds: all the benefits of the strategies you’ve selected without the continual attention and effort required to successfully implement the strategies on your own.

Solid strategies and management you can trust are two of the key ingredients you should look for in choosing mutual funds. We believe the Sound Mind Investing Funds offer both, and invite you to examine whether they may be the right investment vehicles to help you pursue your financial goals.

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SMI Bond Fund

The SMI Bond Fund (SMIUX) was created to conveniently package SMI's Bond investing approach into one professionally managed fund. This fund provides investors with the ability to pair a pure SMI Bond approach with SMI’s most popular stock strategies in the exact allocations they desire.

Approximately half of the portfolio will typically be invested in less dynamic "core holdings", where the focus is stability and safety. The other part of the portfolio will use Bond Upgrading, which is a strategy that uses an objective momentum formula to identify which bond categories may present the best investment opportunities.

The Adviser periodically rebalances the Fund’s asset allocation to ensure an appropriate mix of elements in the Fund.